Our Services

The Centre provides high quality comprehensive eye care services and is equipped with the latest state-of the art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. It offers world class eye care services – not usually expected in a remote location like Kisii. Our medical experts are highly qualified and esteemed not just in Africa but world over.
We offer a complete range of eye care services such as screening, surgery, optical, out-patient among others at very reasonable prices. Please pay us a visit for all your eye care needs for services such as:
* Ophthalmologist/ Eye Doctor Consultation
* Out-Patient Clinic
* Eye Operation Theatre
* In-patient/ Day Care
* Rural & Remote Community Outreach/ Sponsored Corporate Social responsibility Programmes
* World Class Modern Cataract Surgery – Using “Phacoemulsification” Method ( Clear    cornea sutureless small incision surgery)
* Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery
* Tele-Ophthalmology
* Eye Glasses/ Spectacles – Our Vision Centre and Optical Shop started in June 2013 in    partnership with Brien Holden Vision Institute- Australia. The vision centre offers: Computerized Eye Testing, Durable low cost spectacles, Designer Frames,Contact Lenses
* Modern Eye Disease Diagnostic Facilities such as: – Humphreys Visual Field Analyzer, Ocular Coherent Tomography(OCT), Fundus Photography, Pachymetry
Laser Surgery for; Glaucoma, After Cataract, Diabetic Eye Complications