Principal Partners and Sponsors

Fiat Lux Foundation, USA.
Our mission

The Fiat Lux Foundation’s mission is to help prevent and reverse blindness and improve the lives of people with visual impairment through education and delivery of medical and surgical services
Dr. Kiage & Mrs. Kiage Founders Innovation Eye Centre with Dr. Tayeri of Fiat Lux Foundation USA at Innovation Eye Centre, Kisii

Aravind/LAICO Eye Hospital– Aravind Eye Care Services in India is offering technical advice on the start up plans. Aravind’s eye care delivery system is recognized as a model for other developing countries. Aravind is giving support following the principle that large volume and high quality service result in low cost and self-sustainability.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation– Hilton is a Potential funding partner in collaboration with Aravind Eye Care Systems to provide support in capacity building to prevent blindness and visual impairment challenges through the Hilton Cataract Initiative in Sub-Sahara Africa

Brien Holden Vision Institute is a potential partner and will assist with technical support to set up the optical shop. BHVI is a dedicated to achieving vision excellence for all people in order to eliminate avoidable blindness due to refractive error. BHVI has a social enterprise program that collaborates with eye care professionals to set up financially self sustainable comprehensive eye care facilities.

Right to Sight, Ireland Right to sight is a global not for profit organization that advocates for a sustainable eye care model for Africa. Right to Sight is a potential partner especially in outreach programmes and training/ capacity building of ophthalmic personnel.

The Ministry of Health – Division of Ophthalmic Services, Kenya- Policy formulation and government support for eye care

Right to Sight – Norway -Provides support for the Small Incision Cataract Surgery Skills Improvement Programme
LDS Charities – Has supported the establishment of Vision centres in Migori and Nyamira Counties in South Western Kenya as part of making eye care services accessible to all